About webhelper.cc

  • We specialize in assisting non-profit groups and individuals in setting up inexpensive websites, using wordpress.com, wordpress.org (self-hosted), blogger.com, and weebly.com.
  • Cost:  Including the cost of a .com/.net/.org domain name, your total ongoing cost will be about $12-15 per year (the cost of the domain name).
  • If you build a site WITHOUT a domain name, the cost is zero dollars per year.
  • Some examples are list on the Home page.

Overview Videos:

  • You can view the two below videos (recorded as NineDollarWebPage.com back in 2008).
  • Using a COMPUTER if possible — because the 2014 update ‘annotations’  to correct outdated URLs do NOT show on mobile devices.
  • The first video ‘about webpage-building’ — discusses using Blogger (what we were using in 2008).
  • We can now build similar pages using WordPress.com